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Chelation Suppositories are a new and improved method of EDTA chelation therapy and is the only proven alternative to intravenous EDTA Chelation Therapy. Intravenous EDTA chelation although very efficacious is also very expensive, time-consuming and invasive. The Original EDTA Chelation Suppository being a patented Calcium Disodium EDTA suppository is designed to be used at night while you sleep. While you sleep the unique matrix of EDTA slowly releases and absorbs into your body’s entire system via the sigmoid colon wall. In fact, in a recent published study (JANA Vol. 10, No. 2, 2007, SEE BELOW) it was shown that the EDTA in The Original EDTA Chelation Suppository unique EDTA matrix formulation actually absorbs at higher levels into the soft tissues compared with that of intravenous EDTA chelation.

Since the body stores toxic heavy metals in the soft tissues, The Original EDTA Chelation Suppository actually targets this most essential area required for effective heavy metals detoxification. Our proprietary and patented method of formulation is designed for ease of use along with no discomfort and increased EDTA permeability via the colon.
The Original EDTA Chelation Suppository EDTA bio-availability has also been verified scientifically in published pre-clinical studies.

The Original EDTA Chelation Suppository has become the preferred EDTA product and method of choice to hundreds of thousands of patients and health professionals around the world as it performs the task of removing toxic heavy metals extremely well.

One factor making The Original EDTA Chelation Suppository a very effective “heavy metals Chelator” is due to the very high soft tissue absorption of EDTA. It is also important to note that the EDTA in the form of Calcium Disodium EDTA will not remove essential Calcium but indirectly remove the unwanted stores of calcifications that promote atherosclerosis.

It is now known in the medical community that chelation actual works by removing the toxic heavy metals which aid if not cause the arterial plaque buildup. It appears that these toxic metals build up in our systems and suppress the production of vital substances essential for normal circulation like that produced by the endothelial known as prostacyclin, nitric oxide and heparin-all vital for your body to maintain normal blood flow.