Defeating Heart Disease And Arterial Blockages

Phuket Chelation Therapy Treatments

Affordable Phuket Chelation Therapy – From Chelation Certified Doctors.

Phuket Thailand now offers one of the gold standards of Anti Aging therapies – Chelation Therapy. Chelation Therapy is becoming more widely available as the need for this therapy increases.

Once we’re born, vaccine exposure is an important source of mercury and aluminum, along with food, drinking water, pharmaceutical drugs of many kinds, over-the-counter drugs, some cosmetics, and many other environmental sources. These include, but are not limited to air pollution, dental amalgams and other dental materials, and contact with toxic metals at home and at work.

Heart attacks are now associated with atherosclerosis, the process which results in accumulating fats, calcium and other substances in the arteries. As a coronary artery narrows, it might result in a blockage – resulting in reducing the blood supply to an area of the heart. If the damaged heart tissue is large enough, the person might die. The process of atherosclerosis is very common and can also lead to other diseases. For example, strokes are largely the result of atherosclerosis. A blockage of arteries to the legs can lead to a condition known as intermittent claudication, a painful cramping of the legs when walking.

Phuket Chelation Therapy – more affordable treatments

On the benefits of receiving Phuket Chelation Therapy in Phuket, whether you live here or are on holiday, is that you will receive the same high quality EDTA chelation treatments, but at a more affordable price – and from highly qualified doctors.

Proven, Safe IV Treatment to Improve Circulation and Cell Health and Avoid Surgery

Many are using Chelation Therapy to help reverse heart disease and arterial aging.  While for over 50 years now chelation therapy has served as a very effective and safe treatment for the elimination of toxic heavy metals and for the improvement of circulation and overall health.  Many doctors today offer Chelation Therapy for arteriosclerosis, heavy metal toxicity, memory problems, heart disease, fatigue, circulation problems and more.

This therapy has now been proven to be clinically significant and safe by the 8-year, $30 million government-funded national study called Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy 

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