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Heavy Metals Poisoning; Mercury Poisoning

Heavy Metals Poisoning; Mercury Poisoning

We live in a toxic world. Everyday we are exposed to small yet significant amounts of toxic heavy metals. Over the years, these metals absorb into our tissues, slowly poisoning us. Because the toxic effects of these toxic metals on our health  are gradual, we often attribute them to aging, never really discovering the underlying cause of our health problems and symptoms.

Lets discuss how toxic metals effects our health, how we become exposed to toxic metals and heavy metal poisoning, and how to eliminate toxic heavy metals from our bodies safely and effectively.

The most common toxic metals we are exposed to are; mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, arsenic, cadmium, uranium and calcium, yes calcium. When certain conditions exists the mineral calcium, which is required for our health, can become a toxic metal.

Mercury (Hg) is one of the most deadliest and toxic substances known to man. In fact, its toxic at one in one billion part quantities. That’s equivalent to the same concentration of throwing one grain of salt in your swimming pool. This is why mercury fillings are so toxic to our health.

Deleterious effects of heavy metals poisoning by toxic mercury poisoning

Mercury accumulates in the brain, nervous system, heart, kidneys and endocrine glands. It can also cause depression, auto-immune disorders, memory loss, tremors, anemia, and heart attacks. Studies done by the University of Calgary, have shown that when mercury comes in contact with nerve tissue, it can actually melt the myelin sheath right off the nerve, causing the nerve the shrivel in seconds. More unbelievable, this very toxic metal is put directly into our mouths in the form of dental silver fillings.

If you have silver fillings in your mouth, you’re probably wondering how much mercury these silver fillings contain? Unbelievably, these silver fillings contain about 50% mercury by weight.

Symptoms of heavy metals poisoning; mercury poisoning

  • Deteriorates nervous system
  • Impairs hearing, speech, vision and gait
  • Causes involuntary muscle movement
  • Corrodes skin and mucous membranes
  • Causes chewing and swallowing to become difficult


According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), there’s enough mercury on just one silver filling to force the closing in a ten acre lake!

Putting mercury in the mouths of people started around 1833, when a couple of French entrepreneurs introduced it to the American dentists. Initially, most dentists rejected the use of mercury because even this time the toxic effects of mercury were known. The few dentists who employed mercury in their practice were known as “quacks”. This derogatory term was taken from the word, Quacksilver, which was the German word for Quicksilver, the most common name for mercury at that time. But unfortunately, over time the use of Mercury became widespread and a normal standard practice, not the exception. Ironically, those doctors today who remove silver filling from peoples mouths are themselves called “quacks”.

And of course today most dentists claim that mercury from silver fillings does not leak into the body, scientific tests show that each mercury filling in our mouth releases on average 17 micrograms of mercury into the body each and every day. But, silver fillings aren’t the only source of heavy metals poisoning in our lives. Mercury is also found in adhesives, air condoner filters, cosmetics, fabric softeners, felt, floor waxes and polishes, laxatives, seafood, talcum powder and tattoos.

150 Years ago, the only people exposed to toxic levels of mercury were the hatmakers, because the felt they were using to shape into hats contained high levels of toxic mercury, and their continued exposure to toxic mercury actually destroyed their brains, causing them to slowly go insane. This is where the term and expression “Mad as a Hatter” came from.