Remove Toxic Metals With Chelation Therapy

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Knock out Toxic Metals with EDTA Chelation Therapy

People worldwide are concerned with aging and longevity due to the increasing of degenerative diseases that we're all facing today. Unfortunately, conventional medical care has focused more on symptom relief with pain medications and surgical procedures, and less on reversing the accelerated aging process.

Defeating Heart Disease

Chelation Therapy appears to restore the body’s ability to create the important substances, Nitric Oxide (N.O.), prostacyclin and heparin.

Heavy Metals & Chronic Fatigue

Oxidative stress is a term used to describe the body’s prolonged exposure to oxidative factors that cause more free radicals

Metabolic Effects of Toxic Metals

The knowledge gained about the homeostasis of heavy metals has been substantial over more than a decade. Although they have no known metabolic function.

Chelation Suppositories Very Effective

There is increased need and demand for more consumer friendly, less invasive, less time- consuming broad specificity metal chelation, see research.

Toxic Metals Sources & Effects

Heavy metals in general have no basic function in the body and can be highly toxic. High- concentration exposure is not necessary.

Hair Elements Analysis

Hair Elements analysis provides information regarding exposure to potentially toxic metals, especially mercury and arsenic. Requires only .25 grams of hair.